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WIP by SacredlyMythic WIP :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 4 8 Kyubey Box by SacredlyMythic Kyubey Box :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 4 14 As The Wind Howls by SacredlyMythic As The Wind Howls :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 3 30 The Trickster's Advice by SacredlyMythic The Trickster's Advice :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 2 17 Chibi Sheet #2 by SacredlyMythic Chibi Sheet #2 :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 4 8 Chibi Sheet #1 by SacredlyMythic Chibi Sheet #1 :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 3 13
Unlocking of The Heart: Chapter 1
The Unhinging of Hisoka Morow - Part 1
Now, here these words, oh half angel, half god of death. You will be unwound and your soul will be laid bare. The secrets you hide in your chest of lies are no longer safe.

On a night when thunder dances across the sky the red spider lily must stand and fight. Do not intervene or you will fall asleep.

The red spider lily will be cut, and will fall asleep on the Reaperess’s altar. From then on, always watch over you shoulder. Beware the maple tree birthed of the war goddess.

Innocence will break you. The glass demon will break the chains you so carefully forged yourself. Your heart will be cleaved open and you will be numb no longer. Rain will fall for the first time in years.

    “Hisoka, he’s going to die”
    “I know.”
    Machi gives me an earnest
:iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 1 0
Unlocking of The Heart: Chapter 2
     The Lycoris Must Bloom

     “Watch me. Watch me fall. Like you’ve always done and always will do. It’s not my fault, is it? My fault you’re like this. My fault you’re so selfish and cruel. My fault you're so unbearable. It was them, it was him, right? Right? Or maybe I can’t justify myself no matter how pathetically I try. Maybe that’s why nobody stopped me. That’s why nobody will try. I’ve realized that I’ve turned into a monster and that I just don’t care. That I never did care and never have cared but somehow I am starting to care. Somehow I’m starting to care that I’m basically a murderer and a psychopath and someone everyone should stay away from, all because of that stupid girl. At this point I kind of wish she killed me because at least I wouldn’t be...feeling all this. And then came that dream that I
:iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 0 3
Unlocking of The Heart: Prolog
                                                                                                          Knife IconMalice and Maple LeavesFall leaf - F2U

    Everything is blurry, I can barely see. My vision is red, all red. Blood in my eyes...
I leaped up, screaming, and punched my attacker in the face
:iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 2 15
Loki Extras #1 by SacredlyMythic Loki Extras #1 :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 1 11 Loki Seriously Needs Some Love by SacredlyMythic Loki Seriously Needs Some Love :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 3 54
The Red Serpent (Chapter 2)
  Hello, again mortals. If you're still reading this, I congratulate you on being able to stand my personality. I wouldn't really blame you if you found me insufferable and left, but since you haven't, I'm going to assume you want me to keep talking.  With that being said, enjoy the second chapter of this particular garbage fire of a story.
  I was staring at myself the whole way back to Asgard, in the reflection of Freya's sword. It was always a habit of hers to keep its blade basically mirror like, which, now, turned out to be a bad thing. My first glance at my reflection in her sword sent me internally screaming, because seriously, what the actual FUCK was wrong with my face? Gods almighty, I hadn't seen something that hideous and hard to look at since...I actually had never seen something that bad up until this point. I finally understood why Snakey had been mocking me about my facial expressions. So, how bad was it, you mortals are probably asking your
:iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 2 20
Spiral Out of Control by SacredlyMythic Spiral Out of Control :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 4 4 Drunk Loki by SacredlyMythic Drunk Loki :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 6 133 Loki by SacredlyMythic Loki :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 5 68 Bad Loki, Bad. by SacredlyMythic Bad Loki, Bad. :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 3 54


F2U Sparkle by piirmy Jormungandr | ??? | Midgard F2U Sparkle by piirmy

The seas are wild.
Swallowing all that dare cross it.
The Serpent is angry.
He shakes the seas.
He riles the oceans.
The sea belogns to him.

The queen of the dead
Sits on her throne.
Watching the dead come
By the millions.
She cares not.
She's seen this a thousand times before.
One dead man.
Looks like another.


Hisoka by MCAshe Hisoka :iconmcashe:MCAshe 32 3 SA | Gosslyn | War-Forged | Herder by tarried-sea SA | Gosslyn | War-Forged | Herder :icontarried-sea:tarried-sea 69 26 Miku Pagedoll F2U by Eve-Jennifer Miku Pagedoll F2U :iconeve-jennifer:Eve-Jennifer 33 22 DTA Halloween decorations fantsuneko - OPEN by Angalalove DTA Halloween decorations fantsuneko - OPEN :iconangalalove:Angalalove 30 17 Hogwarts pattern by IrenHorrors Hogwarts pattern :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,276 17 Daily Paint 1916# Shadoe by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1916# Shadoe :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,557 129 Hisoka cosplay by Elena89Hikari Hisoka cosplay :iconelena89hikari:Elena89Hikari 56 4 Smite - Little Hell (Chibi) by Zennore Smite - Little Hell (Chibi) :iconzennore:Zennore 77 28 Chibi Miku by Eve-Jennifer Chibi Miku :iconeve-jennifer:Eve-Jennifer 34 20 high school musical main cast by Scourgeseer high school musical main cast :iconscourgeseer:Scourgeseer 210 21 UG, Muffin, and Dingo as Sweet Spirits by Undercover1721 UG, Muffin, and Dingo as Sweet Spirits :iconundercover1721:Undercover1721 5 3 Smite: Gathering, page1 by Zennore Smite: Gathering, page1 :iconzennore:Zennore 178 84 Smite - Tee Hee (Chibi) by Zennore Smite - Tee Hee (Chibi) :iconzennore:Zennore 79 7 Wings of Fire - References by Biohazardia Wings of Fire - References :iconbiohazardia:Biohazardia 115 26 Gino Starstruck (remade) by XxStarBluesxX Gino Starstruck (remade) :iconxxstarbluesxx:XxStarBluesxX 5 34 Smite - End This Fight (Chibi) by Zennore Smite - End This Fight (Chibi) :iconzennore:Zennore 39 7

Name | Age | Something
The cold wind howls.
The ravens cry to it.
And all the worlds hear.

link link link

Tidal Wave by diasilli cloudy night by opalnet

Fenrir | ??? | ??? The cold wind howls through the trees.
It sounds like wolves. In the dark, the wind in the skeletal trees. The wolves are screaming.

Commissions - plum by Sukiie Nonexistant

All the shining stars, gleaming in your eyes.

Sunset Stamp by Supernatantem palm trees / sunset aesthetic stamp by goredoq [STAMPS] Sunset on the Horizon by creationcomplex


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Space | Divider #4 by Snow-Arrows

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Galaxy divider .:F2U:. by A-M-A-L-G-A-M-A-T-E

The lycoris sways in the breeze.
The blooming sad memory.
Screams silently to the worlds.

Galaxy divider .:F2U:. by A-M-A-L-G-A-M-A-T-E

The orange lily.
Blooming flower of hate.
Stirs in the breeze.

Galaxy divider .:F2U:. by A-M-A-L-G-A-M-A-T-E

Flower of rage.
But it blooms so sweetly.

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Journal History

    (OC) is wandering around the woods for no reason when they trip on a root of a large tree and tumble down into a shallow ravine. They look up and immediately get kicked in the face (on accident) by someone sitting on a ledge a bit above them.

    (OC) stands up, rubbing their sore head, and see the guy who kicked them, who turns out to be a youngish-looking man, maybe in his mid twenties, sitting there, with a couple of notebooks beside him, and one on his lap, drawing away in it. His hair is fluffy and slightly curled, the color of the same autumn leaves on the trees, a mix of orange and blonde and brown (though mostly orange). They can't see the rest of his except his eyes (which are a light green) due to a porcelain mask painted with strange flowers that obscures most of his face. He's wearing a very old-looking and faded long sleeved blue tunic, a frayed and shabby looking cloak of some thin fur, leather breeches and boots that, as they can attest to, seem to be steel toed. He looks oblivious to the fact that he just nailed (OC) in the head, and they stand up and tap him to get his attention.

Please someone do this with him I worked really hard. Also this isn't my Loki, this is my version of Rick Riordan's Loki.


Iglybo (I just want you to see this cuz I'm proud of it but if you want to role I say all of my yes)

sir-hattington (Notice me senpai)




And anyone else who wants to join!


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Freya (Yes that's my real name)
Artist | Student | Literature
United States

F2U Sparkle by piirmy Freya | Norse Pagan | Lokean F2U Sparkle by piirmy

Watch the pair of ravens.
Soaring in the grey clouds.
Spying on the worlds.
What do you think they see?
What will they tell Odin?
How much time is left,
Till everything ends?

stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios Friends - Wilderness Typeface (black) by HinaTheBlue stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios

|FREEICON| Starry Night and Shooting Star by Ennyri :iconiglybo::iconshmitytheshmoo::iconpsychokittypants::iconaqua-the-smiter: |FREEICON| Starry Night and Shooting Star by Ennyri

Listen to the wolf.
Howling in the night.
Screeching his rage to the worlds.
The wolf will have his day.
As will I.



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